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Dead Deer
Saw a dead deer off the fireroad near the top of Lukens, the drought or age must have got 'em.
Its pretty dry now and its just the beginning of July. I let my backyard go and the grass is now yellow,
the front yard still has patches of green. I'm not allowed to water my already yellow front yard Big Bear. Make sure you hydrate before riding and bring at least a 70 oz bladder with you.
Posted by Mongoose a 67 year old riding a Bullit from Hwy 2 on 07/04/07

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  • Re: Dead Deer
    How many oz should I bring if I am just running to the store in Washington or Oregon?
    Posted by Intenserider2 a 32 year old riding a A pair of KHS from Colorado on 07/12/07
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  • Re: Dead Deer
    was in big bear drank a 100oz. then took a second ride up summit's lift, after eating a big breakfast at Grizzly bear manor cafe, needless to say i took a crap near the entrance of a ST. Giant soft serve. The ST's are dusty as hell, sandy, rocky and horrible
    except for hopping over some logs, very fun just watch out for the poop.
    Posted by Mongoose a 67 year old riding a Bullit from Hwy 2 on 07/30/07
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