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It started out as a casual morning should I or shouldn't I go type of ride. The air was crisp and burned my lungs with each breath. My calfs were still tired from last weeks ride,lactic acid still taking its time to rid itself from the weekend warrior rides. I was finally feeling the rush of adrenaline as I decended down the first hill. The state park was empty especially on this particular trail. In all the years I rode hear I have only seen a handful of people ride East fence. i was feeling good now my momentum was picking up. Suddenly, I feel the bushes move, dumb rabbits tricks are for kids I thought. It was no rabbit, It was a mountain lion. Holy sh@*! I thought as a loud "Hey" shot out of me. As my fun ride turned into an anxiety provoking fight or flight situation the mountain lion took a graceful step back into the brush and bolted. My hands gripping my handlebars as my chest pounded. I quickly turned back up the hill as fast as humanly possible. Who would believe this encounter, I could see my family and co-workers faces of "yeah right" look on there faces. I guess only other mountain bikers, I hope.
Posted by Jeykllrider a 36 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 2001 cannondale jeykll from chino hills on 09/19/07

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  • Re: Scared
    Sorry, we don't believe you either...!

    Posted by Dirtshark99 a Cross-Country Rider on 09/21/07
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  • Re: Scared
    Yeah. I saw that animal too. It was a bobcat. You must be small. And by small I mean.... you know what I mean.
    Posted by MisterHide a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Pacific from Compton on 02/13/08
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