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Bonelli Park
I went to Bonelli yesterday,typical day there,loose dirt cause they grated some of the trails. I didnt see one other biker or horse or nothing. What I did see was an almost perfect arch of a tree branch fallen over a switchback left turn coming off of the dam. So, im feeling like all cool or something so I decide to duck myself crouched behind my seat and roll right through it,all cool! Hello! backpack! I forgot I had my pack on,it snagged a little and threw me off my line but I didnt wreck. No rip in the bag either,anyway. Oh and going thru the section which runs along the river,the jungle area,I almost got mowed down by this hillbilly trailer trash dude on a quad,luckily you can here them coming a mile away. I saw the Jack o lantern grill fool comin round the corner like he was all X-games or something,like he was gonna win the medal for most teeth missing!
Posted by Nervosa a Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Cannondale from Azusa on 08/20/09

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