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Mongoose Renegade
I found a Mongoose Renegade for 219.99 on sale with a regular price of 399.99. Is this going to be a decent bike? I have a max of 300.00 to spend and cannot come up with a few hundred more anytime soon. I need to find something within the 300.00 range. I know i'm not going to get a bike as good as if I had a thousand bucks to spend, but I have to do with what I have right now. I may post a few other bikes as well to get opinions. Thanks in advance.
Posted by UtahRider a 24 year old Weekend Warrior from Pleasant Grove, UT on 03/25/04

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  • Re: Mongoose Renegade
    I'd look for something used or go to a bike shop. Save another $200 and you could buy a Specialized Hardrock w/disc brakes for under $500.00. This will be more bike for you buck and the shop will probably include free maintenance.
    Posted by Diablito a 26 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Stinky 4:20 down the extreme line of the mountain from THC Heights on 03/25/04

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  • Re: Mongoose Renegade
    The Renegade isnt a bikeshop Mongoose, its a dept store cheapie.
    If U must have a Mongoose, The following names are real bikeshop ones: (& go to for others)

    Rockadile series, Wing series, Sommet, Massif and Valiant. They start from $169 to $2000
    Posted by The Real FatCat riding a Rigid Raleigh M40 on 03/26/04

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