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Carrizo Gorge to Ocotillo
Has anyone done the ride down from Jacumba to Ocotillo via the railroad tracks thru Carrizo Gorge? Where is the best place to park the pick up vehicle at the bottom? Any info is aprpeciated!

Thank you
Posted by Hunterg10166 a 43 year old Weekend Warrior from Spring Valley on 01/04/10

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  • Re: Carrizo Gorge to Ocotillo
    Go to and see the Carrizo Gorge video where his buddy Miles Todd crashes down a hillside full of cacti and rocks. That crash actually made the World's Craziest videos list....Bill, ever the PT Barnum.

    Also, go here for 411:
    (trespassing link)
    (MTBR thread)
    Posted by GhostRider a 31 year old Downhiller on 01/06/10

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