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Info needed: Canyon Runner 18 speed mountain bike
I bought a used 18 speed mountain bike for my son at a flea market, it is a Canyon Runner 18 speed mountain bike. Also has "Mountain Tour" Venture on the side. I tried to look up this bike on the internet but came up with zero direct hits. What I want to know is how much this bike is worth in good condition, or, how much it was new. Dont know the age of it but its in good working condition. Any help or information would be helpful as I would like to sell it as my son just got his auto licence and doesnt want the bike.
Posted by WildIrish a 44 year old riding a Canyon Runner 18 speed from Canada on 05/16/01

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  • Re: Info needed: Canyon Runner 18 speed mountain bike
    Flea markets can be a good place to find the hidden gems. I keep checking my local flea markets for a good bike. I have found a couple.
    Owner of
    Posted by Radiation Badge a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Huffy from Texas on 11/22/17

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