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24 hours of L.A.
Me and my friend are looking for two other beginner or sport riders to form a team for the 24 hours of L.A. in November. if you are interested let me know. This is gonna be our first 24 hour and we are just doing it to get some experience in 24 hour racing and to just have some fun. We are both sport racers on the am cup and cal state cup circuit.
Posted by 88turboaccord a 26 year old Racer riding a 2004 kona kula and 2001 gt i drive from Fallbrook on 07/28/04

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  • Re: 24 hours of L.A. Roll Call:
    Who's in for next weeks race. It would be cool to meet some of the riders from the board. We have a 4 man team and a solo rider:
    GMoney, LMNOP from the board a local friend, and 2 others from Santa Cruz coming down.
    Posted by GMoney a 30 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Blur and Sugar 3+ from Simi on 10/28/04

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