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Just a suggestion
You want more traffic back on this site? Allow anonymous posters again. Period. Board was way more fun back then.

*Disclaimer* I never used an anonymous name myself, but I enjoyed the antics of others very much.
Posted by The REEL Moneyshot on 02/17/06

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  • Re: Just a suggestion

    Just a suggestion: Why don't you stop pretending to be a porn star and post some mtb content once in a I do. You foreigner-transplant-to-Bay Area wannabees make me sick.

    Anonymously yours, GR. (A true SJ original....b4 you SoCal foreigners moved up and wrecked it all)

    *Disclaimer* I'm new to this site. Please tell me about the old (glory) days of

    Posted by GhostRider a 31 year old Downhiller on 02/18/06

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  • Re: Just a suggestion
    Building up for what will be its first season at Pro Continental level, Team MTN-Qhubeka has seen both its squad and also a side project bolstered by the signing of a three year deal with Samsung Mobile South Africa.

    Posted by Happynicky on 12/06/12

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