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Trail Starting Addresses
I just recently moved here and find it very frustrating that the info listed on trails, do not include an address.

For somebody that does not know the areas around here, or the roads, having an address to put into a gps would make a world of difference in finding the trails.

After searching this site and various map sites, I have yet to find a starting point for any trail in the LA county area.

Please post starting addresses on the trail info page.
Posted by Skaz a 34 year old Cross-Country Rider riding a Giant NRS on 09/14/06

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  • Re: Trail Starting Addresses
    Sorry, none of the trails in Southern California have addresses attached to them. Do you want the exact address of the closest resident? That would actually be an invasion of that residents privacy. If you go here
    you will find directions to every trail. You will see on trails like this where there are plenty of different possibilities on how to get there. There is even a Thomas Guide listing for your pleasure.
    Posted by Crzyridr33 a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a SantaBansheeCruzBlurr on 09/15/06

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  • Re: Trail Starting Addresses
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  • Re: Trail Starting Addresses
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    Posted by Juliyaluis on 11/13/17

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  • Re: Trail Starting Addresses
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