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Manitou Minute (which one to buy?)
Hello all. I'm looking to buy a new 2004 Minute (1,2 or 3) to replace my worn out Black Elite 100/120. I love the travel adjust on the old fork. The options on the Minute forks have me confounded. Wondering if anyone has any opinions/advice about them. Thanks in advance.
Posted by ScarryFast a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a 2001 Specialized Stumpy Pro from Bakersfield on 09/17/04

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  • Re: Manitou Minute (which one to buy?)
    i would go with the best minute i forget i think the 3 but if you were looking for something with travel options make sure you get a fork with the rapid travel II system it rocks.. i have the sherman firefly's right now but im tryn to sell them in order to get the Sherman Slider i would say look into the maintou line and see what yu like the best cuz trustme anything with SPV technology is killer... like i sadi i have the Sherman Firefly up for sale if your interested..

    AN6's .02

    trust me manitou rocks

    Freeriding for Life
    Posted by AN6FREERIDER a 24 year old Downhiller riding a AN6 Freeride Custom from SFV on 09/17/04

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  • Re: Manitou Minute (which one to buy?)
    The Minute numbering ascends with the prices, so the Minute 3:00 is the "top end" one.

    The difference between the 2:00 and the 3:00 is that the Two comes in EITHER 100 or 130mm travel, and cannot be switched. The 3:00 has a travel adjust lever, on the bottom of the left leg. If you want the travel adjust, that's your deal.

    I have a Black Comp 100/120 with the travel adjuster on top of the left leg, and a Minute 2:00 with 130mm travel. You'll like the Minute, but it would be better with an adjuster on top of the leg (right where an air valve is, now).
    Posted by EBasil riding a Manitou HT and Fisher Cake from San Diego on 09/20/04

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