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How to build a Zipp 2001 Frame - fixing the beam
I just bought a Zipp 2001 Frame.
I have to build it know and to be honest I am a little bit lost about the way the beam has to be fixed.
I have some questions and I hope someone will be able to help me :
- in the following url ( I have attached two pictures of the frame. As you can see there I have marked two wholes I think should be somehow attached together with a screw : is this the case ? If yes, is this a special type of screw ?
- how can the beamís height be changed ?
- how can I make the beams suspension to be more or less hard ?
- the frame being new the elastomers are new, but I wonder if you knew how often these have to be changed.
I would be very grateful should you be able to give me some help (ideally full specs) about the way this should be fixed.
Thanks in advance.

Posted by Zarautz70 a 36 year old Racer riding a Zipp 2001 from Paris on 09/21/06

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