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gear setup
i am currently riding a downhill frame (trek bruiser), i ride it to work everyday and occaisionally do some downhill or offroad riding. i have a 28 t chainring on the front and an 8 speed cassette on the back. i only ever use 3/4 of the gears at most and want to change my setup so it is less complicated i.e. less to go wrong. i only have the one chainring so i have chainstays on the top and bottom of the chainring. i was thinging of going single speed or redusing the rear cassette to 6 speed. i would like to get rid of the chain stays. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by Ruthless rufus a 28 year old Downhiller riding a trek bruiser from london on 07/06/07

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  • Re: gear setup
    For any object to accelerate, there must be a net force acting on that object. The same thing applies to a jacked-up Wrangler YJ on 37 inch tires trying to get up a steep rock. To get the vehicle to move over the obstacle, those tires need to be able to transmit force to the rock so that the rock can then produce a reactionary force that pushes the car up and over the obstacle. Maximizing that force has been the goal of off-road enthusiasts since the beginning of time. Probably the brand that most likes to boast about its off-road cred is Jeep. One of the buzzwords they like to throw around when introducing a “Trail Rated” vehicle is “Crawl Ratio”. They’ll tell you how their new vehicle has a huge 73:1 crawl ratio and that makes it the best off-roader since the Willys MB. But crawl ratio isn’t really what matters off road. Refer best essay writing service to get any help in writing.
    Posted by Robbinrwhite on 07/12/18

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