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Ghetto Tubeless!!
I've had at least one flat for 4 or 5 rides in a row. So, I try these Spin Skins tire liners ($40.00). First ride no flat. 2nd ride 2 flats! The liner is only 1.25" but my tire is 2.1 inches! After patching the tube I noticed the bike actually wobbling due to the liner being crooked(?) After 5 tries mounting and remounting, I gave up! So I see online people are going ghetto tubeless. $20.00 and 1 hour later I have tubeless tires. They seem to work great. I noticed a small goathead that I missed before. When I pulled it out the hole sealed within seconds. No flats on my first ride and the feel of tubeless is awesome. I had to check to make sure I wasnt losing air cause the ride was so much cushier. Anyway, if you haven't done this cheap mod, I suggest you give it a try.
Posted by Atomic socal a 42 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Santa Cruz Heckler from Homeland on 10/13/08

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  • Study Base Post
    This is really nice. There are many students who love to keep secrecy and want to stay shadowed as well and they get essay help for confidential uses as well. Isn't this just great
    Posted by AshleyRamirez a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider from las vegas on 07/16/18

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