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Advice on Tubeless vs Tubes
Ok so i have fallen victim on 2 occasions to a flat tire out on the trail - obviously i didnt learn the first time because it happened again and i was caught without a spare tube....again (dummy lol) - anyways this has prompted me to seek advice from those who know....

Im considering going to a local shop and having them do a conversion kit with "Stan's" so.........

Tubeless vs tubes?
is it just easier to just carry a spare tube around and accept the risk - or would it be a better investment to go tubeless? what are the benefits of tubeless? how well does it really work? is the risk really any different being that anything that could pierce my tube would have already peirced my tire first? does it last a long time? ever need maintenance? is it heavy or does it cause akward rotation since its liquid based ?

really sorry about the 20 questions but i like to be informed and im trying to learn. Thanks for your help in advance!
Posted by Atekk920 a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Diamonback Overdrive Comp (HT 9er) from Riverside on 09/07/14

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