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December '10 Holiday Riding, based around Oxnard
I am coming down to stay in the Oxnard/Port Hueneme area just before X-mas (2010) through the new year. I have been in the area before and ridden Robles West, Sycamore Canyon (2X), Sullivan Canyon & Zuma ridge. I'm looking to expand my trail experiences and would like to hook up and ride with someone familiar with the surrounding area and the best riding for this time of the year. I will have a vehicle with a bike rack able to haul 3 bikes and have a fairly open schedule.
Most of my riding is XC with climbing and I like technical trails. I've ridden Moab, Gooseberry, Fruita/Grand Junction & Park City areas. I may not be the fastest rider, but I am in decent shape. If a trail can be conquered on the middle ring of a geared bike, I am happy to try it on my single speed.
I would be happy to reciprocate the favor(s) and show the trails in and around Salt Lake & Park City.
Two of my favorite things: explorin' new trails and sharin' old trails...

PS: I have a 2006 Cannondale Prophet with carbon lefty & cross-max wheels that I am looking to sale or trade (C'dale geared 29r) that I could bring down with me if there is interest. I can provide pics.

Posted by Coulier a 53 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Niner Air Nine from Salt Lake City on 12/11/10

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