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Chilao/Gabrielano and the old crew
Chilao/Gabrielano and the old crew
I am looking for some of the old crew who use to post here on this site many moons ago. I use to post under the username "mtnbikebug" until it got jacked, the I posted as XcBug. I want to head up north to ride Chilao and the Gabrielano but I don't know my way around chialo all that well. I have only ridden it a few times and it was 10 years ago probably?
Usually I would hook up with some folks here and they would lead the way.
Some of the names I remember are JoeTruth, Gus (chainsaw), Tortuga, STP, and the infamous DaBreeze who is in AZ as far as I know? Anyway if any of you know who these guys are or are will to host me on a ride at Chilao and the Gab tomorrow please let me know.
Posted by MikeG03909 a 48 year old riding a Heckler from Carlsbad on 02/17/12

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